Helibungee is the

Bungee Jumping from a helicopter

with the longest rope in the world!

About the Helibungee

Helibungee is the short name of the bungee jumping from the helicopter. This service is unrivalled in Europe, you can only find it in Hungary at - Kiskunlacháza-Bankháza Airport (LHKK). If you are adrenaline addicted, and you tried every extreme sport or you are just up for a new challenge you are at the right place!

What we offer?

A jump from a helicopter which hovers at a 600 meter (~1980 feet) height, and with a 110 meter (~360 feet) rope.
You can be sure that while the helicopter rises your adrenaline level will rise also.
Our jumpers are secured with the most modern and safest adjustable harness, which advantage is that while the person swings in the air, she/he does not have to be upside down, she/he could watch the panorama in her/his natural position!

  • 1980 feet
  • 360 feet
    rope length
  • 100% adrenalin

Important informations


Like all technical sports so as helibungee has some requirements which the person who jumps must comply. The two most important ones are the right health state, and the maximum 100 kg (220 lbs) weight.

Period of Time, Dates

The program takes 60 minutes in total, which concludes the preparation, administration, and the jump also. The jumps will be held in a pre-announced date, but the candidate will be notified.


You can use our service in our base - Kiskunlacháza-Bankháza Airport (LHKK)-. Anytime, when our services will not be arranged there, we are going to announce that separately.

Weather conditions

Our program obviously depends on weather conditions, so we always notify our candidates for the exact date and time.


The price that you can find on the website, is the participation for 1 person in our program. If a group would like to patricipate, please contact us.


If we have aroused your interest join today! The organization of the jumps take a lot of preparation,so you can only participate in our programs only if you apply. You can apply by clicking to this, then you should choose the date, and if you fill the data sheet. We hope that we can meet in person, but if you have other question, do not be scared to ask, we will answer as soon as we can.

Price: 950,- EUR/jump (748,- € + 27% VAT)

If you apply we are going to send you a notification email.